Mastery Journal - Business Plan Development

    The first week of the class I was a bit overwhelmed because looking over the assignments, it seemed like a lot.  Once I understood what was due ever week and that the work was split up and the worksheets were there to help you complete the writing assignment, I felt a lot better.  By me feeling overwhelmed and getting the gist of the class, I missed an assignment.  I didn’t turn the blog in the first week because I was very focused on getting the written assignment right.  I knew most of information needed in the first written assignment but I wanted to get more in depth and make sure everything was right.  For the second week, I definitely had to do research for the written assignment.  But I really enjoyed doing the differentiation exercise because when writing that assignment, I was able to come up with my one-minute pitch.    

    Week three was the most challenging.  The financial spreadsheet took me a little longer to do then I expected but that’s because I did the whole spreadsheet instead of just the first two parts that was due at the end of week three.  As far as week three’s written assignment, it really made me think about some things for my company that I didn’t know or know I needed for a business plan.   Week four was definitely the easiest for me because my financial spreadsheet was already done because I did the whole thing in week three.  So all I really had to do was this journal and the discussion board, which was also very easy because I watched and posted every week on the Jayson interviews.     

    Coming into this class I expected to start building and developing my business plan.  That is exactly what I got from this class.   I was able to build my business plan and research more things needed for my business plan.  During this program I didn’t think I would be this wise on business, I didn’t plan on actually using my business plan but now I see myself starting up a business in the near future.  I will apply everything I’ve learned in this course and this program in my career.  This skills and tools will help me further my career in the future. 

    Mastery Journal

    My original goal for this month was to see if I have a future in marketing.  I only have two months left of my masters program and unlike everyone else; I am struggling to find out what my next move is.  I really do think I have the skills and mind set to be a manager but if the passion and motivation isn’t there, it will show in my work and affect whomever I am managing.  My original impression of marketing is being creative and doing whatever it takes to get the brand to the next level.  Before taking this class, I definitely saw myself being able to be in the marketing business in some way. 

    The first week of class I actually learned a lot.  I learn a lot from both the discussion board and the blog assignment.  As far as the marketing canvas, I completed one in Business Storytelling and Brand Development class earlier in the program.  So when it came to doing the marketing canvas I was familiar with the questions and the information that needed to be provided to complete the canvas.  Even though I did not complete week one’s discussion board post, I did learn from watching both videos.  I was familiar with how to enhance your search results but I didn’t know how it pertained to marketing.  Knowing that you can manipulate how people search for you company or website is a marketing strategy.  I also learned from the blog assignment, not necessarily the blog itself but from Google Analytics and Sitemap.  I will say that I do need more time on those platforms to see what all they could really do but I did learn from them.  I will apply everything I learn from this course into my career.  I haven’t noticed until now how many resources I have collected over the amount of time I have been in this program.  I plan to you the resources given to me consistently to further my career in the future. 

    Advanced Entertainment Law Mastery Journal

    Entertainment law was something very new for me.  I came into this class not really knowing anything about entertainment law.  The only thing I was familiar with is an artist in the music industry sampling other music and not getting the proper clearance for it and later getting sued.  Another example is Kanye West’s song called “Cold”, it was actually released as “Theraflu” but the cold medicine company Theraflu didn’t want him using their name so he legally had to change the name of the song,

     The first week of this class was not too bad.  I did however did not have time to complete one of my assignments which has been effecting my grade.  Week one discussion board is where I first got a look at how important entertainment law is.  Watching the video with the guest speaker Julee Milham gave me a lot of insight on the entertainment industry and how it runs.  The IP Audit was a good assignment especially for my business plan.  Doing the IP Audit made me get a concrete look at everything I need to trademark and copyright for my business plan.  The Industry Liabilities Blog is the assignment I missed for week one but week two’s work load was easier so I had no problem getting all the assignments done on time. 

     I honestly thought I would get a better grade on the research assignment but I didn’t follow all of the instructions.  I did cite my cases that I found but I failed to explain the cases after each liability.  I also felt that the intentional torts and liabilities helped with my business plan as well.  Week three I think was my favorite because of the endorsement assignment.  I loved reading the endorsements and giving my opinion on what deals the tennis player should take.  I think that assignment is great for people who want to be managers.   As for week four, I am nervous!  I really want to do great on my research paper because I really need to bring my grade up.  The pressure is on and that’s why I’m getting this journal out of the way early.  I hope I can find enough sufficient research for my paper.  Overall, this month was not that bad, I’m just trying to finish off strong.

    Journal Post

    This month so far has been good to me.  This is my second time taking this class so I automatically came in this month extra focused.  Last time I took the class, I had a lot going on as far as family, work, and I recently just moved so overall I felt unorganized.  I think by me felling unorganized and not having a lot of control over my life effected my work when it came to school.  So coming into the class this month I knew I had to be more focused then ever.  This time taking the course my grades have improved tremendously.  So far I have gotten all As on my assignments.  A couple of things that has helped me obtain these grades are preparation and giving myself enough time to complete the assignments and of course staying focused.  I was able to remember the critiques on my assignments from the last time I took the course.  With that being said I knew what I did wrong so I was able to focus a little more on that to get it right this time.  Overall, I took more time on my work this time around and have no worries about passing.  

    I definitely learned a lot this month when it comes to artist management.  I think the most valuable things I’ve learned in this class were what things to look for in a manager.  As a singer I think that it is important for you to know what kind of business relationships you want for your career.  I think that as a manager, you need to be passionate about your client’s work.  Being passionate and loving your client’s work gives you more motivation to push your client’s work.  I also learned a lot about the aspects of product management.  In the future I will apply the aspects of product management to projects I might endure within my career. 

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