Journal Post

    This month so far has been good to me.  This is my second time taking this class so I automatically came in this month extra focused.  Last time I took the class, I had a lot going on as far as family, work, and I recently just moved so overall I felt unorganized.  I think by me felling unorganized and not having a lot of control over my life effected my work when it came to school.  So coming into the class this month I knew I had to be more focused then ever.  This time taking the course my grades have improved tremendously.  So far I have gotten all As on my assignments.  A couple of things that has helped me obtain these grades are preparation and giving myself enough time to complete the assignments and of course staying focused.  I was able to remember the critiques on my assignments from the last time I took the course.  With that being said I knew what I did wrong so I was able to focus a little more on that to get it right this time.  Overall, I took more time on my work this time around and have no worries about passing.  

    I definitely learned a lot this month when it comes to artist management.  I think the most valuable things I’ve learned in this class were what things to look for in a manager.  As a singer I think that it is important for you to know what kind of business relationships you want for your career.  I think that as a manager, you need to be passionate about your client’s work.  Being passionate and loving your client’s work gives you more motivation to push your client’s work.  I also learned a lot about the aspects of product management.  In the future I will apply the aspects of product management to projects I might endure within my career. 

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